Kawasaki FH680V-BS13-R Engine Replacement Options

TEW Representative: Hello, how may I assist you today?

Bob: I am looking for a replacement engine for my Kawasaki FH 680 V -BS13-R  Do you have a Kohler that will be able to match?

TEW Representative: Let me take a quick look

TEW Representative: Click here for Kawasaki FS651V-DS07S option

TEW Representative: Click here for Kohler Pa-ZT720-3017 option

TEW Representative: Is this a walk behind unit?

Bob: It is a 61 inch rider….a Wright Sentar

TEW Representative: OK, just wanted to be sure

Bob: The Kawasaki option does not list the FH680 for a swap out…shows a bunch of 651’s….and, are you certain that the Kohler would be a solid match?

TEW Representative: Yes, The Kohler ZT720 is a valid replacement for this engine. For the Kohler option you would need to determine which exhaust you prefer in the items related to the side of that engine. You will also need to order the bolts that are related as well because that engine uses a different bolt than your Kawasaki does. Click here for Side Mount Vertical Muffler 3278603-S, Click here for 3278604-S Horizontal Muffler

Bob: where would the appropriate exhaust options be located/selected, also, the bolts?

TEW Representative: If you are looking at the kohler, there is a column to the right that says related items 

Bob: oh…sorry,  just saw that info…thanks…what would shipping cost be to 05743 zip code, and what would delivery time be?

All orders ship for $8.95

TEW Representative: Delivery is 3-5 business days.

TEW Representative: The Kawasaki is listed as a 22hp engine and the Kohler is listed as a 21

Bob: Ok, TEW Representative…that is great…I will check with my mechanic this afternoon, and if all looks good, I will order it tomorrow.  Thanks so much

TEW Representative: But those are also rated under a new standard that is stricter than the one used when you bought the FH680 rated at a 23hp

TEW Representative: You are welcome. Have a great day.

Go Cart Engines

Here at TEW Inc we offer a several different go cart engines here is just one of our most popular models.

Courage 6.5
Courage 6.5
Item:  PA-SH265-0011
3/4″ x 2 3/8″ Shaft
Kohler Courage
6.5 horse power
This engine is a dual ball bearing engine with a low oil shut off system. These features will greatly extend the life expectancy of this engine.
Kohler offers a 2 year home owner warranty on this engine, and a 90 day commercial warranty.
This is also a very popular Troybilt Horse replacement engine.
Also Popular on: Tampers, Mixers, Vibratory Rollers, Tillers, Log Splitters, Concrete Saws

Kohler Engine PA-CH270-0011

We’re breaking new ground with the KOHLER Command PRO Small Horizontal engine. Our patented Quad-Clean™ technology is the industry’s only four-stage all-season cyclonic air filtration system, ideal for harsh weather and work conditions. In addition, these engines are backed by an industry’s best 3 year commercial warranty.

Click here to see full specs or place and order for PA-CH-270-0011

This engine has numerous applications including but not limited to :

  • Troybilt Pony Tiller Engine Replacement
  • Go Karts
  • Chipper/Shredders

Features Include

  • Quad-Clean™ technology, industry’s only four-stage all-season cyclonic air filtration system, doubles as a warm air intake system for optimal operation in colder conditions.
  • Overhead valve technology and high inertia flywheel deliver peak power performance.
  • Large recoil starter and dual ball bearings provide easier starts. While dual oil fills and drains make engine servicing easier.
  • Interference-free PTO face provides flexibility to power any application.

User-Friendly Maintenance.

  • Interference free PTO face
  • Dual oil fills and drains
  • No tools required all season air cleaner
  • Easy access throttle, choke and shutoff
  • Oil Sentry™ automatic low oil engine shutdown system
  • Carburetor bowl drain

High Power Performance.

  • Overhead valve design
  • Increased displacements
  • High-inertia flywheel

Extended Run Times.

  • Large metal fuel tank and chrome plated cap
  • Swirl induction combustion chamber

Quiet, Smooth Operation.

  • Oversized muffler with heat shield
  • Mechanical governor
  • Sound-deadening alloy crankcase
  • Silenced air intake

Easy Dependable Starts.

  • Electronic ignition system
  • Automatic compression release
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Indexable, easy pull recoil starter

Reliability and Long Life Design.

  • Quad-Clean™ heavy-duty cyclonic air cleaner
  • Warm air intake system for cold weather operation
  • Cast iron cylinder bore
  • Steel-forged crankshaft
  • Stellite-faced exhaust valve
  • Water trap to separate moisture in fuel
  • 3 fuel filters: fill neck, in tank, and carburetor inlet
  • 3 year commerical warranty

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