ZT720 Series Kohler Confidant. Great choice for Wide Area Walk Behind Mowers.

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KOHLER CONFIDANT RECOIL WAWB 21HPThe new CONFIDANT was designed with WAWB (wide area walk behind) mowers in mind. They provide more power (21 horsepower) at a better price than many
competitive repower engines, complete with a Heavy-Duty Air-Cleaner.
Kohler should be the #1 preference when repowering commercial turf
equipment. This was designed as an upgraded CV15-41582.


* Twin Cylinder
* 1″ x 3.16″ PTO Length Crankshaft
Crankshaft Bolt: 7/16-20
1/4″ Key Way

* Cast-Iron Liners
* 10″ DBC, 4 Cored Holes (For OEM Self Tap)
* Pressure Lubrication
* PRO Performance Air, Fuel and Oil Filter
* Automotive Style Dipstick
* Nitrite Exhaust Valves
* 15 amp Unregulated Charging System on the ZT720-3016 (no battery needed)
* Quiet Cam
* Fixed Grass Screen Guard
* Pulse Fuel Pump
* Dual Wire Control -Throttle and Choke
* Mechanical Governor
* Recoil Start

Sales Notes:

**Mounting Holes are subject to change per equipment manufacturer.
These are self tapping holes (3/8-16) that are affected by deck thickness.
Measure depth of mounting hole, thickness of deck and make your self tapping bolt 1/8″ shorter than your measurements.  16 threads per inch can also change per manufacturer usage.

Popular muffler is Kohler 3278603-S

Kohler 3278603-S