This intention of this website is to help you find solutions to engine related problems you may be having with your equipment. However, there is no other topic that is more important than your safety. Always remember that any equipment you own, use, or work on that is powered by a gasoline engine can be dangerous.


Please, do yourself a favor and work safely! Nothing you may gain by using this website will ever be worth risking an injury. ** Also note** we link to other websites that offer repair tips, please be aware that we can’t check all content and are not responsible for tips given by other websites. Always check your owners manual, repair manuals or any other sources before attempting any repairs. You may need to seek the advice of a qualified repair person if you are not familiar with repair procedures.

Recommended Course Of Action:

Think before you act, then take action only if it’s safe.

Read the owners manual to learn about safety features and safe operation.

Be sure that you wear eye protection while working around moving objects and when using compressed air.

Air cooled engines run EXTREMELY HOT. Be sure to allow the engine plenty of time to cool before working on it!

Don’t refuel when the engine or surrounding components are hot.

Use and store all flammables in a safe manner.

Be aware of and secure loose fitting clothing while working around moving parts.

Be especially aware of all moving parts such as a blade or other sharp objects.

Don’t tamper with the safety features of your equipment. They are there for your protection, as well as others around you.

Keep your work area uncluttered and your tools clean and in good working order.

Keep both equipment and tools maintained and everything in good working order.

Use your equipment and tools only for their intended purpose.

If you can’t use it safely and confidently, don’t use it.