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We will be adding a full line of subaru engines to our website soon.
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ZT720 Series Kohler Confidant. Great choice for Wide Area Walk Behind Mowers.

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KOHLER CONFIDANT RECOIL WAWB 21HPThe new CONFIDANT was designed with WAWB (wide area walk behind) mowers in mind. They provide more power (21 horsepower) at a better price than many
competitive repower engines, complete with a Heavy-Duty Air-Cleaner.
Kohler should be the #1 preference when repowering commercial turf
equipment. This was designed as an upgraded CV15-41582.


* Twin Cylinder
* 1″ x 3.16″ PTO Length Crankshaft
Crankshaft Bolt: 7/16-20
1/4″ Key Way

* Cast-Iron Liners
* 10″ DBC, 4 Cored Holes (For OEM Self Tap)
* Pressure Lubrication
* PRO Performance Air, Fuel and Oil Filter
* Automotive Style Dipstick
* Nitrite Exhaust Valves
* 15 amp Unregulated Charging System on the ZT720-3016 (no battery needed)
* Quiet Cam
* Fixed Grass Screen Guard
* Pulse Fuel Pump
* Dual Wire Control -Throttle and Choke
* Mechanical Governor
* Recoil Start

Sales Notes:

**Mounting Holes are subject to change per equipment manufacturer.
These are self tapping holes (3/8-16) that are affected by deck thickness.
Measure depth of mounting hole, thickness of deck and make your self tapping bolt 1/8″ shorter than your measurements.  16 threads per inch can also change per manufacturer usage.

Popular muffler is Kohler 3278603-S

Kohler 3278603-S

2013 Price Updates and new items.

We’ve been working hard at Tulsa Engine Warehouse.  We are doing our annual price adjustments and adding thousands of new items to our store.  We are expanding our territories to better serve you and provide faster service.  We look forward to having a great spring and summer season after two years of drought.  We would like to thank our many customers who have helped us grow over the years.  If there is anything we can do to better serve your needs please be sure to chat with us and let us know.

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Kawasaki Engines are HERE and IN STOCK

Tulsa Engine Warehouse has bit the bullet on several Kawasaki engines. You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for me? Well it means several things. Let me break them down for you. First and foremost is cost. Buying these engines in bulk has allowed us the opportunity to save you money. These engines are cheap. Our prices have dropped on these engines tremendously. Secondly, with them being here in local warehouse in Northeast Oklahoma, they can ship on a regular UPS truck and you don’t have to worry about finding a commercial address to ship to.  Last but not least, these engines are in stock and can ship today.  You get them shipped on that UPS truck we previously talked about, and you get tracking information by 5pm the same day. Need to verify fitment, no problem. Jump onto our Live Chat and ask one of our well versed engine sales reps. Tulsa Engine Warehouse has been in business for over 10 years selling engines and engine parts to the public. It is our mission to bring the best options and the best prices for aftermarket and OEM replacement parts and engines to the plate so that you don’t have to dish out more money than necessary to fix your equipment. Below is a list of popular Kawasaki engines that are in stock and ready to ship today. Don’t let these engines pass you by.

Kawasaki Engines : FH430V-S21
Kawasaki Engines : FD750D-S02
Kawasaki Engines : FH580V-S29
Kawasaki Engines : FJ180V-M10
Kawasaki Engines : FH430V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH541V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH680V-S01
Kawasaki Engines : FD791D-S01
Kawasaki Engines : FH580V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH680D-S08
Kawasaki Engines : FH680V-S27
Kawasaki Engines : FD620D-S18
Kawasaki Engines : FH541V-S21
Kawasaki Engines : FH601V-S06
Kawasaki Engines : FH680V-S28
Kawasaki Engines : FH770D-S01
Kawasaki Engines : FJ180V-M08
Kawasaki Engines : FE290D-S02
Kawasaki Engines : FH381V-S02
Kawasaki Engines : FH430V-S22
Kawasaki Engines : FH480V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH541V-S04
Kawasaki Engines : FH580V-S37
Kawasaki Engines : FH601V-S09
Kawasaki Engines : FH601V-S29
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S09
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S13
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S25
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S28
Kawasaki Engines : FJ180V-S00