Kohler MODEL XT800-2013 173cc Courage Series – OHV 8.0 Gross Torque

XT800-2013 Kohler Engine


Brand: Kohler
Model: XT800
Type: 2013

Engine Details:

Recoil Start,
25mm x 3.16”
Keyed Crankshaft
2 WK,
D/T 3/8-24,
Fixed Speed,
Muffl er Guard,
Compliance Positive Stop.
Not for Sale in California

Weight: 37 lbs

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Kawasaki FH680V-BS13-R Engine Replacement Options

TEW Representative: Hello, how may I assist you today?

Bob: I am looking for a replacement engine for my Kawasaki FH 680 V -BS13-R  Do you have a Kohler that will be able to match?

TEW Representative: Let me take a quick look

TEW Representative: Click here for Kawasaki FS651V-DS07S option

TEW Representative: Click here for Kohler Pa-ZT720-3017 option

TEW Representative: Is this a walk behind unit?

Bob: It is a 61 inch rider….a Wright Sentar

TEW Representative: OK, just wanted to be sure

Bob: The Kawasaki option does not list the FH680 for a swap out…shows a bunch of 651’s….and, are you certain that the Kohler would be a solid match?

TEW Representative: Yes, The Kohler ZT720 is a valid replacement for this engine. For the Kohler option you would need to determine which exhaust you prefer in the items related to the side of that engine. You will also need to order the bolts that are related as well because that engine uses a different bolt than your Kawasaki does. Click here for Side Mount Vertical Muffler 3278603-S, Click here for 3278604-S Horizontal Muffler

Bob: where would the appropriate exhaust options be located/selected, also, the bolts?

TEW Representative: If you are looking at the kohler, there is a column to the right that says related items 

Bob: oh…sorry,  just saw that info…thanks…what would shipping cost be to 05743 zip code, and what would delivery time be?

All orders ship for $8.95

TEW Representative: Delivery is 3-5 business days.

TEW Representative: The Kawasaki is listed as a 22hp engine and the Kohler is listed as a 21

Bob: Ok, TEW Representative…that is great…I will check with my mechanic this afternoon, and if all looks good, I will order it tomorrow.  Thanks so much

TEW Representative: But those are also rated under a new standard that is stricter than the one used when you bought the FH680 rated at a 23hp

TEW Representative: You are welcome. Have a great day.

GX Twin Relays

[1:54:51 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Thanks for using TEW Live Chat. How may I assist you today?

[1:56:45 PM] Matthew : Hey Eric, I have looked at the diagram for the Honda Adapter, and I can’t make any sense out of what you guys sold that to me for. What exactly does the adapter do? I have looked at the wires coming off the engine diagram which makes no sense to me, and if I knew exactly what those wires do I think I can get this thing up and running.

[1:57:23 PM] TEW Rep Eric: You are talking about the 53-1002-Twin relay?

[1:57:29 PM] Matthew : Yeah.

[1:58:20 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Do you have the GX wiring harness diagram from Honda?

[1:59:02 PM] Matthew : Yeah, its in the manual but I can’t follow it, it’s not very expanded and there are several options.

[1:59:11 PM] Matthew : With control panel, without, ect.

[2:00:14 PM] TEW Rep Eric: The only one that applies to you is the 17A Charge Coil without Box type. The rest are for other variations. You will still use the same legend for all the diagrams on the Honda side

[2:02:00 PM] TEW Rep Eric: The black wire from the engine comes from the coils. It hooks into the black wire from the relay. The black and yellow wire from the engine hooks into the yellow wire on the relay with the female connector.

[2:02:49 PM] Matthew : Okay, will I need to use the new Honda pigtail that came with the engine with the adapter relay? The reason I ask is because Scag has there own adapter on the wiring harness that fits into the regulator, I just have to make sure the new regulator wires match up with the old harness, if not, there will be cutting and splicing, which is fine, I just don’t want to do anymore of it then necessary.

[2:03:23 PM] TEW Rep Eric: The gray wires are for your regulator/rectifier for charging. The yellow lead with the male connector needs to be hooked to the load side of the keyswitch.

[2:04:13 PM] Matthew : Okay, yeah, I was trying to figure out where that yellow wire ran.

[2:04:15 PM] TEW Rep Eric: I don’t know anything about the Scag harness. I assume they have 2 wires ready to hook into the rec/reg, but not sure.

[2:04:46 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Click here for diagram

[2:04:54 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Have you looked at the diagram on this page?

[2:04:58 PM] Matthew : There is no fuel shut off solenoid with this engine right? that’s just an unused wire? That’s one other one that I don’t know where goes on the harness.

[2:05:17 PM] Matthew : not the scag harness but the honda one that came with the engine, it’s not the adapter either.

[2:05:24 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Yes, this engine does have a fuel shut off solenoid

[2:05:40 PM] TEW Rep Eric: That wire on the engine is black with a yellow stripe

[2:05:52 PM] TEW Rep Eric: It needs 12v to retract when the key is turned on

[2:07:26 PM] Matthew : okay, I think I have it decently figured out now, I just needed some clarification so I can cross check it with the existing harness. In the wiring diagram what is the red wire for? the load side of the keyswitch?

[2:09:19 PM] TEW Rep Eric: I don’t see a red wire in the Honda diagram for it. Where does it lead to or where is coming from?

[2:10:07 PM] Matthew : the one red runs from the starter tot he battery, there is a circle in the bottom right for a cluster of 4 wires leading to a “M”, what is that for?

[2:10:37 PM] Matthew : I am assuming the black rectangle block to the left is the adapter.

[2:11:29 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Okay, you are looking at our drawing. The M stands for Magneto, but the relay works around that because the Honda doesn’t operate like other brands. Yes, the black box on the left is the breakdown for the relay.

[2:13:13 PM] Matthew : Alrighty, I will try to get this to work right, I just don’t want to fry anything. Thanks.

[2:13:35 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Yeah, let’s not do that.

[2:14:34 PM] Matthew : So what is the point of the relay? What did Honda change that required that? I never quite understood why it was needed. Just might help me know what is going on with the wiring. That’s about all I can ask right now.

[2:16:28 PM] TEW Rep Eric: The way I understand it, they went from a ground to run instead of a ground kill. Backwards from everyone else. The relay supplies power to the carb fuel shut off solenoid, and allows the coils to fire, then kills the coils and shut the solenoid when power is taken away. Kills 2 birds with one stone.

[2:17:12 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Basically need to ensure 12v is not getting to the coils when you go to start it, and that 12v is getting to the solenoid when you go to start it, and when in the “run” position.

[2:24:20 PM] Matthew : Should be fun. Thanks Eric.

[2:24:30 PM] TEW Rep Eric: You’re very welcome

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