Kawasaki Engines are HERE and IN STOCK

Tulsa Engine Warehouse has bit the bullet on several Kawasaki engines. You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for me? Well it means several things. Let me break them down for you. First and foremost is cost. Buying these engines in bulk has allowed us the opportunity to save you money. These engines are cheap. Our prices have dropped on these engines tremendously. Secondly, with them being here in local warehouse in Northeast Oklahoma, they can ship on a regular UPS truck and you don’t have to worry about finding a commercial address to ship to.  Last but not least, these engines are in stock and can ship today.  You get them shipped on that UPS truck we previously talked about, and you get tracking information by 5pm the same day. Need to verify fitment, no problem. Jump onto our Live Chat and ask one of our well versed engine sales reps. Tulsa Engine Warehouse has been in business for over 10 years selling engines and engine parts to the public. It is our mission to bring the best options and the best prices for aftermarket and OEM replacement parts and engines to the plate so that you don’t have to dish out more money than necessary to fix your equipment. Below is a list of popular Kawasaki engines that are in stock and ready to ship today. Don’t let these engines pass you by.

Kawasaki Engines : FH430V-S21
Kawasaki Engines : FD750D-S02
Kawasaki Engines : FH580V-S29
Kawasaki Engines : FJ180V-M10
Kawasaki Engines : FH430V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH541V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH680V-S01
Kawasaki Engines : FD791D-S01
Kawasaki Engines : FH580V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH680D-S08
Kawasaki Engines : FH680V-S27
Kawasaki Engines : FD620D-S18
Kawasaki Engines : FH541V-S21
Kawasaki Engines : FH601V-S06
Kawasaki Engines : FH680V-S28
Kawasaki Engines : FH770D-S01
Kawasaki Engines : FJ180V-M08
Kawasaki Engines : FE290D-S02
Kawasaki Engines : FH381V-S02
Kawasaki Engines : FH430V-S22
Kawasaki Engines : FH480V-S20
Kawasaki Engines : FH541V-S04
Kawasaki Engines : FH580V-S37
Kawasaki Engines : FH601V-S09
Kawasaki Engines : FH601V-S29
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S09
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S13
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S25
Kawasaki Engines : FH721V-S28
Kawasaki Engines : FJ180V-S00

Discount Blades From TEW

Currently we are overstocked on several lawn mower blades for MTD, Troy-Bilt and Murray. Take advantage of overstocking with underpricing. Prices won’t last long, so place your orders immediately to ensure savings today. Once these are gone out of our warehouse, the special pricing won’t be available again. The following blades will be on sale for a limited time only. Check with us online via LiveChat to see if these will fit your mower. Click on a link below to open a new browser tab redirected directly to our store for easier ordering. Select the number of blades that you want, and click add to store.


Oregon Blade 98-054

  • 16 – 1/4″ Blade length
  • 5/8″ Star Center hole diameter
  • 5/16″ Outer hole diameter
  • 2 – 1/2″ Center to center
  • 3″ Width
  • .120″ Thickness
  • Replaces MTD/Troy-Bilt 742-0644, 942-0644 for 46″ Deck. May also fit others
  • 16 – 1/4″ Blade length
  • 11/16″ Center hole diameter
  • 5/16″ Outer hole diameter
  • 2 – 1/2″ Center to Center
  • 2.50″ Width
  • .149″ Thickness
  • Replaces O.E.M. Part Numbers:
    Bolens 742-0611, 942-0611
    MTD 1999 & after, fits auto drive step through tractors, 742-0611, 942-0611
    Troy Bilt, & after, fits auto drive step through tractors, 742-0611, 942-0611
  • 15 – 3/4″ Blade length
  • 7/8″ Center hole
  • 2.25″ Width
  • .134 Thickness
  • Replaces O.E.M. Part Numbers:
    Murray 056631E701, 656631
    Scotts, 3 required for 46″ cut, mulcher, models made by Murray, 56631E701
  • 15 – 3/4″ Blade length
  • 7/8″ Center hole
  • 2.25″ Width
  • .134 Thickness
  • 3 required for 46″ cut, 1991-1998 all decks, high lift
    Replaces O.E.M. Part Numbers:
    Murray 092117E701
  • 17 – 7/8″ Blade length
  • 2 – 3/4″ Blade width
  • 5/8″ Star center hole
  • .164 Thickness
  • Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
    742-04053B, 742-04123
  • 3 required for 50″ Z Force and LT1050 deck