FH Series Kawasaki Going Away?

It seems that the popular FH series engines by Kawasaki are going away due to government EPA Regulations. Kawasaki is now making a new designed engine that is a “bucket style” engine similar to the Kohler Courage engines. These engines are really a completely different engine. In my opinion you could just as easily replace your old FH series Kawasaki engine with a Briggs Intek, Briggs Vanguard, Kohler Command V-Twin or possibly with a Honda GXV series engine. Here is a list of popular Briggs & Stratton models used to replace some of the older Kawasaki engines. If you have questions about replacing your engine that is no longer available, please contact James by LiveChat, or give him a call: 800-501-8061 ext. 3209 and he can do some research for you and see if we have something that might work for your application.

Mower Model Type ORIGINAL Kawasaki Model Replacement Briggs
Other 394004 Trimmer Kawasaki FC150V 126L02
Toro 30112 Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FB460V 217907
Encore WB36K13 Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FB460V 219907
John Deere LX176 Lawn Tractor Kawasaki FC420V 305777
Other Jacobson Encore Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FB460V 31C707
Encore 48K200 Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FC420V 31C707
Yazoo KKW48141 Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FC420V 31C707
Gravely 988059 Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FH381V 31C707
Scag SWZ36A Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FH451V 31C707
Great Dane GDSZ16BV Z-Turn Kawasaki FH580V 31C707
Hustler 1928275 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH580V 331877
Snapper nzm1948okwv Z-Turn Kawasaki FH601V 331877
Toro 30112 Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FB460V 350776
ExMark TT4819KAC Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FH580V 350776
ExMark TT5217KAC Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FH500V 356776
Scag SWZ-17KA Wide Area Walk Behind Kawasaki FH500V 356776
Simplicity 1692839 Lawn Tractor Kawasaki FD501V 356777
Other z60 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 44Q777
John Deere 325 Lawn Tractor Kawasaki FC540V 44Q777
Husqvarna IZ4817TSKAA Z-Turn Kawasaki FH541V 44Q777
Toro 74415 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH580V 44Q777
Toro 74179 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH601V 44Q777
Scag stc48a-19ka Z-Turn Kawasaki FH601V 44Q777
Ferris IS1500Z Z-Turn Kawasaki FH641V 44Q777
Yazoo ZMKW52211 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH641V 44Q777
Cub Cadet RZT50 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH661V 44Q777
BobCat 942206 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 44Q777
Great Dane GDSS23KAE Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 44Q777
Great Plains Land Pride AccuZ-52 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 44Q777
Hustler 926923 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 44Q777
Wright WS5223KAWE Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 44Q777
Ferris ISZ25K52 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH721V 44Q777
Scag stc61a-25ka Z-Turn Kawasaki FH721V 44Q777
Wright Stander 52 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 49M977
Hustler MINI Z, 927244 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH680V 49M977
Cub Cadet M60 Tank Z-Turn Kawasaki FH721V 49M977
Ferris 590062 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH721V 49M977
Ferris IS3000 ZFKAB2561 Z-Turn Kawasaki FH721V 49M977
ExMark LZZ29ka606 Z-Turn Kawasaki FX921V 49M977
BobCat 942246E Z-Turn Kawasaki FXT00V 49M977
Ferris IS 2000Z Z-Turn Kawasaki FD731V 543777

FH721V Cub Cadet Z-Turn Replacment Option

With the FH Series engines being discontinued we are working to be able to provide valid replacements for these here is a possible option for the FH721V-AS09 for Cub Cadet Z-Turn Applications.

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Professional Series

Briggs & Stratton Vertical Shaft
30.0 Gross Horsepower

1 1/8″ x 4 5/16″ Crankshaft
Crankshaft Tapped 7/16-20
Electric Start
16 Amp DC charging system
Remote Controls
Has fuel pump
Oil Pump with filter & Oil Cooler
No muffler
No fuel tank

*** Cyclonic Air Filter ***

How does it work?

Step 1 – Commercial-style metal rotating screen throws large
pieces of debris away from engine. Smaller debris is then sent
through the screen to be chopped into smaller particles.
Step 2 – The fan forces many of the chopped particles into a deflector
under the blower housing, ejecting many of them down and
away from the engine.
Step 3 – A series of baffles and an ejector chute help prevent debris and
dirt from reaching the air cleaner housing.
Step 4 – The debris particles are spun to the outside of the air cleaner
housing, then are driven out of the air cleaner housing
through a duckbill-shaped valve.
Step 5 – Large cyclonic air cleaner removes remaining particles.

Click image above to see a cut-away of the filter system.

Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve for extended life
Maintenance-free Magnetron electronic ignition
Full pressure lubrication with premium spin-on oil filter
Platinum Spark Plugs for extended life
Overhead valve design (OHV) for cooler operation and longer valve life
Buyer protection package provides two year consumer engine warranty

Also note that some engines may require use of old engine parts or items supplied by the oem to correctly interchange

If you would like for us to verify the application as shown or to check for availability on your original engine model, please contact our sales staff for assistance.