45-1008 33329E Tecumseh Replacement Starter Gear Replacement

This is a great video that shows how to repair the starter gear on our item 45-1008  that replaces the 33329 Tecumseh 110v Starter


Replaces: Tecumseh 3700, 8892, 8892S, 33329,
33329A, 33329B, 33329C, 33329D, 33329E, 33519, 33519A, 33519B, 33542, 33542A, 35096, 37000, 88921, 88922, 88923, 88924, 88925

For HM-70, HM-80, HMSK-80, VH-60, HMSK-100, HMSK-110, HMSK-105, HMSK-85,
HMSK-90, LH-318SA, OH-318SA, OHSK-100, OHSK-110, OHSK-120, OHSK-125, OHSK-130, OHSK-80, OHSK-90

Also Popular on Honda GXV340 & GXV390 Propane Buffer Engines.

Red Max Parts

We are not actually a dealer of the Red Max parts, but we do have the parts look up link we can share so you can look up your part numbers, and check with us to see if we may have the part in aftermarket at a savings to you.

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Just type in your model number and click on link to your parts diagrams. Write down your search result and check back with us at tewarehouse.com  to see if we have the aftermarket version.

Hot Summer Temps? It May Be Time For The Spa Treatment. For Your Mower That Is.

With the temps over 100 and rain just not falling, most of us have not cut our lawns in weeks. For most of us that typically means the mower goes back in the garage for awhile, but we need to take some time to pamper the ones that keep our grass in check and our yards pristine. Our mowers.

Really we should not be mowing if it is this dry do to the fact that when it’s this dry and dusty our mowers will take in alot of dust and the rest that does not end up in your crankcase will be under your deck sandblasting your blade into a dull useless piece of steel.

But just because you are not mowing doesn’t mean you should neglect your mower. There are several things you can do to make sure the next time you start up that grass chewing, blade spinning, display of your man hood, it fires right up and makes the neighbor say ” Man, what a machine.

Do some maintenance. (Preferably in a nice cool area, if there is such a thing)

  • Drain the fuel from the tank and the bowl. Typical E85 fuel will start to degrade in as little as 7-10 days, leaving the fuel separated. If the separated  fuel does run good enough to keep your engine running, the additives have likely separated as well and will leave nasty deposits in your carburetor. When you do replace that fuel use some Startron ethanol treatment in your tank
  • Check your spark plugs for any deposited or wear, this can lead to poor performance and bad fuel economy. Which is not something we hear alot about in this industry, but at $4 a gallon a penny saved is definitely a penny earned.
  • Check and possibly replace your filters. Dirty fuel filtersair filters and oil filters will also affect engine performance by restricting flow and possibly causing your air cooled engine to overheat and lead to major repairs.
  • Sharpen your blades. This one is pretty self explanatory, sharp blades = a beautifully cut lawn.

If you follow these simple rules, your mower should last for years to come.


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