The EPA has approved raising the ethanol levels in gasoline from 10 % to 15 %. This new label means the so-called E-15 gas could be available nation wide by the end of September.
The EPA Has to officially register E15 Before it can be sold, so it is unclear how fast E15 will be adopted by the service stations, as they would have to invest in new pumps and separate storage tanks. Many stations will continue to sell E10 gas, which is approved for use in most outdoor power equipment.
Before changes were made to handle E10 gasoline, problems ranged from hard starting to gummed carbs, and hardened fuel lines. Until the proper changes are made to handle E15 gas, people will once again be dealing with the same problems.
E15 gasoline is not approved for most outdoor power equipment and will void the warranty if found in the tank or carburetor.

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Click here to visit the EPA’s website for more info on E15 fuels