Kohler MODEL XT800-2013 173cc Courage Series – OHV 8.0 Gross Torque

  Brand: Kohler Model: XT800 Type: 2013 Engine Details: Recoil Start, 25mm x 3.16” Keyed Crankshaft 2 WK, D/T 3/8-24, Fixed Speed, Muffl er Guard, Compliance Positive Stop. Not for Sale in California Weight: 37 lbs Please chat with us live or visit our main engine catalog for a listing of currently available engines. We have a wide range of engine models available. With 100’s of... [Read more of this post]

Kawasaki FH680V-BS13-R Engine Replacement Options

TEW Representative: Hello, how may I assist you today? Bob: I am looking for a replacement engine for my Kawasaki FH 680 V -BS13-R  Do you have a Kohler that will be able to match? TEW Representative: Let me take a quick look TEW Representative: Click here for Kawasaki FS651V-DS07S option TEW Representative: Click here for Kohler Pa-ZT720-3017 option TEW Representative: Is this a walk behind unit? Bob:... [Read more of this post]

GX Twin Relays

[1:54:51 PM] TEW Rep Eric: Thanks for using TEW Live Chat. How may I assist you today? [1:56:45 PM] Matthew : Hey Eric, I have looked at the diagram for the Honda Adapter, and I can’t make any sense out of what you guys sold that to me for. What exactly does the adapter do? I have looked at the wires coming off the engine diagram which makes no sense to me, and if I knew exactly what those wires... [Read more of this post]

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